Audition Info For Our Next Show

Gallery Theater of West Chicago will hold auditions for

Bistro de l’Amour and Reconciliation 
written and directed by Thomas Rieser

Bistro de l’Amour is set in a “local” bar converted to a “French” bistro where diners discuss their romantic situations. This is a one-act that runs approximately 55 minutes. During Intermission the stage will be reset as a “black box” for the vignettes, which run about ten minutes each.

Auditions will be : Sunday, September 22nd from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Monday, September 23rd from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
There is No Pay.

Rehearsals begin immediately upon being cast based on cast availability.

The play runs two weekends: November 8,9,10 & 15,16,17.

Bistro de l’Amour

Dee (Della) Proprietress of the Bistro: 60+
Verna: a diner: 50+
Russ: Verna’s husband, a diner: 50+
Emilee: Dee’s daughter: 20-25
Cade: a waiter and would-be-actor: 20-25
Shirley: an “early bird” diner: 60+
Bernie: Shirley’s husband and “early bird” diner: 60+
Dirk: nerdish wonk; socially inept: 30’s
Sally: smart, outspoken businesswoman: 30’s
Miller: businessman waiting to meet someone: 60’s
Jessica: woman waiting for “internet” date: 65-75
Tangee: voluptuous, busty escort: 30-ish (3 lines)
Slick: sexy gigolo: 20-30 (2 lines)


A suite of “10-minute” plays
BINGO BUDDIES (5 women 60+, male voice)
OUTRAGEOUS (2 characters: one is 18-25 and the other is 60-75)
LEONID METEOR SHOWER (1 male 60+; 1 female 30-55)
UNSCHEDULED (1 male 60+, 1 male 20-25, 1 female 60+)
REUNION (2 males and 2 females 60+)

Auditions will be held at 129 Main St, West Chicago 60185.

Auditions will be cold readings from scripts.
Schedule appointments by e-mailing

GALLERY THEATER IS IN THE CITY OF WEST CHICAGO 60185, NOT CHICAGO, check your GPS for location BEFORE scheduling your audition. Metra station is approximately 2 blocks from the theater.


There are currently no upcoming workshops.

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“This was not my first show, and I will be back for more.  The recent show was lively and well done.”